Membership Committee Strategy

1.    Committee Background and Description

2.    Scope – The committee is responsible for building the individual and corporate membership base of Cyber Huntsville to ensure sufficient membership is available to generate and sustain the required operating funds for Cyber Huntsville.

3.    High-Level Requirements

a)     Stabilize current memberships with communications outreach

b)    Coordinate with other Committees to ensure common understanding of future revenue requirements

c)     Execute Membership Drive(s) consistent with needs and assuming nominal attrition

Short-Term Goals (Now through December 31, 2015)

a)     Attract and retain an engaged and diverse membership base.

b)    Leverage the Membership Committee as a catalyst for growth.

c)     Increase membership by 15% as measured by membership dues.

d)    Assure retention rate of 95% of current membership.

5.    Action Plan

a)     Conduct baseline assessment of current membership and assess status of accounts.

b)    Coordinate with other Committees to establish a baseline of revenue required for events and projects.

c)     Collaborate closely with Events Committee to help drive the value proposition to current and potential members.

d)    Conduct outreach campaign with existing membership to the benefits of their membership and emphasize importance of their membership to our objectives.

e)     Develop procedures for “targeted” membership recruitment

f)     Identify potential new members and initiate call plan to engage.

e)     Identify marketing avenues to increase awareness and enhance brand recognition.

f)     Provide “welcome” and “thank you” e-mails to all new and renewing members to promote retention and active involvement

g)     Implement membership survey to identify needs of membership.

h)    Implement “random” survey to non-members

6.    Long Term Goals – through 2017

  1. Drive membership growth to provide a broad base for revenue, talent, and opportunity.
  2. Develop broad relationships with academia to expand Huntsville Cyber as a partner for Cyber research and a destination for recent graduates.

7.   Action Plan

  1. Maintain minimum of 95% of the 2015 year-end base via sustained engagement and emphasis of value to members (e.g., featured marketing at events, collaborative opportunities)
  2. Collaborate with Events, Economic Development, and Marketing Committees to solidify long-term (2015-2017) growth objectives and membership/resource requirements.
  3. Execute call plan to grow membership consistent with 7.b.
  4. Identify potential academic memberships that provide research opportunities for Huntsville and Tennessee Valley-based organizations and internships for students.
  5. Promote joint events and leverage exposure in other forms for increased exposure and branding.