Economic Committee

NIST CIS Huntsville Workshop_Jamie MillerEconomic Development 30 Septmeber 2014Cyber Huntsville Economic Committee Meeting Notes


0830-0930 Hours

August 26, 2014


  • Pete Schofield
  • Bethany Schumacher
  • Alfred Mikolaschek
  • Troy Zeidman
  • Ron McLeroy
  • Michelle Fernandez
  • Dave Hemingway
  • Bernie Froehlich
  • Kim King
  • Mike Ward


  • Pete Schofield called the meeting to order at 0835.
  • Bernie Froehlich, DESE, was introduced and welcomed to the committee.
  • Pete presented the Cyber Advisory Council Briefing.

o   Pete will continue to keep the committee updated on ISAC.

  • TTX

o   TTX will be in late October 28th and 29th.

o   Looking for volunteers to help.  Let Bethany know by September 5th.

  • Air Force Cyber Patriot

o   If you would like to volunteer to mentor, please notify Bethany As soon as possible

  • Cyber Summit Update

o   Good conference, good feedback.

o   Expect it to grow more next year due to NSA participation.

o   New name for the conference is Southeastern Regional Cyber Summit.

o   Planning Committee will start to meet in September 2015

  • Cyber Strategy Inputs

o   Please review cyber strategy and send inputs to Pete by Friday, September 5.

  • Action Items

o   Please let Bethany know if you would like to volunteer for TTX or Air Force Cyber Patriot.

o   Keep everyone updated on ISAC – Pete.

o   Send date for NIST Workshop to Bethany so she can let everyone know – Troy.

o   Send Chamber letter to Mike Ward – Pete.

o   Send RCFL name and Number  to Pete Schofield from Elkton, TN – Mike Ward.

  • Next meeting

o   September 23

o   0830

o   PeopleTec