Education Committee

Education Committee Strategic plan
August 27, 2014


1.    Background and Description

The Education Committee meets on a monthly basis. The committee responsibilities include:


  • Scholarship awards to students in a cybersecurity discipline
  • Plan and conduct TTX for students
  • Presentation of cyber education programs to middle and high school students
  • Presentation of cyber education programs for the Huntsville business community
  • General maintenance and update of the Education tab on the Cyber Huntsville website


This document is the strategic plan for the Cyber Huntsville Education committee.

2.    Scope

The Education Committee is responsible for awarding scholarships to students, developing and conducting educational outreach and presenting programs (such as the table top exercises) for middle and high school students, promoting collaboration between Alabama 2 and 4 year colleges and promoting education programs for Huntsville industries and the general Huntsville community.

3.    High-Level Requirements

  • Support local high schools with the Air Force Cyber Patriot program
  • Develop a summer cyber camp for local middle and high schools
  • Develop cyber education scholarships for high school and college students
  • Support the Tennessee Valley Cyber Education and Economic Development Collaboration Initiative
  • Volunteers to support Cyber Patriot program
  • Planning and volunteer support for Huntsville city schools summer camp 2015
  • $10,000 in cyber education scholarships
  • Cyber competitions for students

4.    Short-Term Goals (Now through December 31, 2015)

5.    Action Plan

a.     Develop budget and funding plan to support the short-term goals.

b.     Identify volunteers, plan and support the local Cyber Patriot program and summer cyber camps (50 students for initial cyber camp).

c.     Identify the education requirements to pursue a career in cyber from high school through 2-year or 4-year college degree.


  • High School

o    Identify college prep courses for cyber

o    Establish cyber courses in high school that give college credit and are transferable

  • College (2-year)

o    Identify 2-year Associates degree in Cyber

o    Establish vendor certifications in multiple areas of cyber

o    Identify/establish 2-year cyber courses by track that are transferable and counted toward a degree at 4-year college

  • University (4-year)

o    Identify cyber tracks that will accept transfer credit from 2-year college and count toward 4-year degree


  1. Develop cybersecurity internship guidelines for industry and academia.
  2. Engage DOD government resources in Huntsville to help develop a curriculum in cyber.
  3. Once the curriculum has been developed, reach out to Huntsville organizations to help.
  4. Support Huntsville city school’s effort to implement Alabama’s Career-Technical Dual-enrollment program.
  5. Collaborate with Alabama universities to develop additional cyber camps and training for students.
  6. Create program for student scholarships. At what level will scholarships be awarded and are they to pursue cyber studies?

6.    Long Term Goals – through 2017

  1. Create local cyber competitions for college, middle and high school students.
  2. Increase scholarship funding by 10% each year
  3. Grow the local Cyber Patriot program and summer cyber camps by 20% each year.
  4. Develop long term budget and funding plan.
  5. Develop plan to engage volunteers.
  6. Develop communication and collaborations plan for academia, industry and government in the Tennessee Valley.

7.    Action Items




Approval and Authority to Proceed

We approve the project as described above, and authorize the team to proceed.

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