Help Needed

Hard-working Tennessee Valley volunteers are needed on the following Cyber Huntsville committees, especially the Events Committee. To volunteer, or for more information, please e-mail

Events Committee – The members of this committee will be responsible for event identification and planning-the duties of this committee will include:

  • Identifying Cyber related events (locally and regionally) where Cyber Huntsville should participate
  • Defining the type and number of events needed to support the outreach, education, and participation objectives of the Cyber Huntsville initiative
  • Perform scheduling, planning and management (as required) for each event identified or defined
  • Coordinates with other committees
  • Enlists help as needed for specific event development and execution

Economic Development Committee – The Economic Development Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities for the following:

  • Market assessment – Explore potential markets and customers that align with Huntsville based Cyber capabilities
  • Develop requirements definition (RFI, RFP, etc.)
  • Identify stakeholders, influencers, and decision makers
  • Contact Plan :Identify potential cyber customers
  • Value Proposition
  • Key Milestones
  • Identify key partners and sponsors
      The focus of present initiatives for the Economic Development Committee is in the following areas:

    • Federal Market Segment
    • City & State MKT Segment
    • Banking MKT Segment
    • Hospitals MKT Segment
    • Homeland Security MKT Segment
    • International Segment

Marketing Committee – The Marketing Committee is a support Committee responsible for outreach, marketing, and branding

  • More than outreach, but less than Business Development and strategic planning
  • Follows strategic direction set by Advisory Group and others
  • Oversees or at least stays apprised of data mining and intel gathering performed by others
  • Executes marketing of items filtered by the Advisory Group or Board
  • Ensures the local community, the TN Valley area, and the state (Montgomery) is informed and supports the Cyber Huntsville initiative
  • Coordinates with other cyber locales
  • Develops and manages Cyber Huntsville Portal and website
  • Manages existence and staffing of booths for select conferences and events
  • Coordinates with all other Committees on a regular basis to fulfill marketing needs, incorporate emerging Cyber Huntsville themes
  • To maintain professionalism so we speak with one voice, all external communications be performed by or coordinated in advance with Marketing Committee, including survey, contact with AMC, contact with congressional staffers, etc.
  • Ensure common look and feel
  • Ensure common message
  • Eliminate duplicate and confusing contacts from multiple Cyber HSV groups

Capabilities Committee – The Capabilities Committee is responsible for collecting and analyzing data to assist the Economic Development Committee in strategy formulation. The overall goal of the committee is to maintain an accurate picture of where we excel as a community, and where we need to grow in order to meet future needs. Key areas of focus include:

  • Technical offerings of local organizations
  • Needs of the community
  • Workforce development offerings
  • Infrastructure capabilities