Marketing Committee Strategy

1.    Committee Background and Description

Cyber Huntsville was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(6) Nonprofit on June 10, 2011. Cyber Huntsville was organized exclusively to promote and represent the common interests of members of industry, academia and government whose business or focus are cyber activities that include or relate to cyber engineering, cyber systems development, cyber forensics, cyber research, development, and education and/or cyber systems, products or services. Cyber Huntsville has evolved into a collaborative cyber community, attracting and developing the brightest minds, attacking the most complex problems, and providing the best solutions of national and international significance.


The Cyber Huntsville Marketing committee is currently a committee of one with support from other partners within the Cyber Huntsville membership. This committee is focused on expanding its membership and capability in the short-term to include the skill sets necessary for both traditional, internet, and social media channels. The committee’s primary mission is to support Cyber Huntsville in its overall vision and goals for the organization. We will do so through marketing channels to promote and highlight events under Cyber Huntsville. In addition, the marketing committee will reach out to other organizations throughout the Southeast to develop cross-promotional opportunities within the cyber community.

2.    Scope

(taken from the guidance doc) The Marketing, Promotions, and Communications Committee meets on a regular basis. The Committee is responsible for Cyber Huntsville strategic communications, promoting the activities of the Cyber Huntsville Corporation, communicating with its members, developing and distributing its brochures, and coordinating with the Events Chair to ensure announcement of event and press notices. The committee is responsible for posting upcoming events on the Cyber Huntsville website, updating the Cyber Huntsville Website calendar, as well as maintaining and updating committee information on the Marketing tab of Website.


3.    High-Level Requirements

  • Develop and disseminate strategic and tactical level communications for the Cyber Huntsville Corporation and Community
  • Support all Cyber Huntsville Committees with marketing, promotions, and communication requirements
  • Represent Cyber Huntsville with professionalism and quality in our interactions within Cyber Huntsville and the Cyber Community


4.    Short-Term Goals (Now through December 31, 2015)

  • Recruit at least 4 other members with marketing backgrounds and connections with marketing pipelines within the region (only one member currently)
  • Support Cyber Huntsville webmaster in posting upcoming events on the Cyber Huntsville website, updating the Cyber Huntsville Website calendar, as well as maintaining and updating committee information on the Marketing tab of Website
  • Support marketing activities for the HSV Cyber TTX (Oct), NIST Workshop (Dec), and beginning marketing next year’s Southeast Cyber Security Summit
  • Contact current list of candidates to support the marketing committee. Ask other Cyber Huntsville member corporations as a backup
  • Determine who is Cyber Huntsville’s webmaster:

5.    Action Plan

o   Initial meeting with our committee to help support design, message, and general upkeep

o   Solicit info from all committees and update the coming events, calendar, and other information

  • Determine and leverage current local media partnerships to promote Cyber Huntsville activities; establish new partnerships in the local area
  • Continue to meet with Primary POCs for current events listed under short-term goals to support their efforts
  • Develop relationships with other organizations in the Southeastern Region to support cross promotion and coordination for cyber events
  • Develop meaningful and relevant social media strategies and pipelines; keep them current

6.    Long Term Goals – through 2017



7.   Action Plan

  • Develop a list of all Cyber organizations or major events throughout the Southeastern Region
  • Establish contact and develop a relationship to support promoting each other’s events
  • Review current and upcoming social media channels:

o   Determine which the Cyber Huntsville membership use regularly to support promotion within

o   Determine which the Cyber Community at large uses regularly to support the spread of Cyber Huntsville events and accomplishments.

o   Create a strategy to ensure frequent, relevant, and current information is disseminated to Cyber Huntsville membership and the Cyber Community; if cannot keep current or relevant with a targeted communication strategy then we will not use social media


Approval and Authority to Proceed

We approve the project as described above, and authorize the team to proceed.

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